Q: Do you do the work on site?

Yes! Almost all of our orders are created in our store.

Q: Do you only do Greek customization?

No. We can customize almost anything. We can embroider, apply twill or vinyl appliqué, silk screen or imprint thousands of products of every description.

Q: What is embroidery, twill, vinyl and silk screen?

Embroidery is thread that gets sewn directly into an item, like a name on a jacket, or polo shirt with a company logo.
Silk screen printing is a process where we take your art, burn it onto a screen (which really becomes a stencil), then we place it over your shirt and pull ink/paint through and onto the shirt, then we dry the ink by curing it in our heater. This process is almost always done in bulk orders…a dozen or more.
Twill is fabric that gets cut into letters and applied to an item, and we stitch around the edge to secure it onto an item (and also for a finished, high-end look). You see this on Greek t-shirts and Pro football & hockey jerseys.
Vinyl is a heat pressed material that gets cut on a computerized machine and then pressed onto clothing at high temperatures. This often gets confused with screen printing because the look is the similar, but vinyl is actually a material that’s fused onto the shirt rather than wet ink that’s pressed into the shirt. Vinyl can have a bit of a sheen to. This process is usually used for names or numbers on the backs of shirts, but can also work well for simple logos.

Q: How long does everything take to be made?

We do our best to meet any and all reasonable deadlines. Individual/Small orders for lettering or embroidery take 3 days to 1 week typically. Some items need to be ordered and may take a bit longer. Group letter or embroidery orders take 2-3 weeks. Screen printed orders take about 2 weeks.

Q: Can I get things done on the spot?

Typically not, but we do try to accommodate rush orders when we’re able. Contact us directly for details.

Q. Can you bring in your own clothing?

We are happy to customize your items that are purchased from us however we do not embroider, screen-print, or press items that are purchased elsewhere and brought in. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Q: Can you bring in your own fabric to use?

Yes! We carry lots of fabrics but we can’t carry them all. Bring us any cotton fabric (or cut up boxer shorts if you’d like). We can use almost anything that can be ironed and machine washed.

Q: Can I buy the cut letters to take?

Sorry, we do not sell letters by themselves, they must leave her on something.

Q: Do certain fabrics cost more?

The only fabric we carry that costs a little more is designer fabric, which changes from time to time. Everything else is the same price!

Q: What do you mean by foreground and background?

A foreground is the top or inner layer of the lettering — the majority of what you see on a sewn letter. A background is the bottom or outline of the letter, you only see a little bit of this layer.

Q: Can I order online?

Yes, all retail items can be purchase.